Ladiestouch Diner is an incredible restaurant serving delicious foods prepared by celebrity chef Ewanda. She specializes in vegan, vegetarian, and healthy soul food. Chef Ewanda has over 15 years of experience and has truly crafted the perfect dishes over the years. It’s easy to grab a tasty meal prepared by your favorite with Ladiestouch Diner being nearby. Whether you’re sitting down with us at our location in Inglewood, calling ahead for takeout, choosing our location for catering, or joining us at one of our many events, we’re going to serve you right.

Ladiestouch Diner is open everyday from 10:30 to 6:30. The menu changes up but everything is planned and tested by Chef Ewanda. They are currently serving a variety of dishes throughout the day including our Shrimp & Grits plate, Beef, Turkey & Chicken Nachos and Tacos, Cheeseburger Impossible Sliders, Marinated Baked Chicken, and more! Can’t wait to see your friendly faces enjoying the tasty dishes whenever you’re around.

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