Eating healthy foods is incredibly important but knowing how to incorporate these into a delicious dish isn’t always easy for the average at-home cook. We’re here to show you our favorite ways to get in those nutritious foods without feeling like you’re sacrificing taste.

Change Up Your Salads

Salads are one of our favorite dishes for a reason. Whether you add just a few veggies together as a side salad or choose to load it up with plenty of different foods to turn it into a main entree, you can do just that. Choose different veggies, incorporate fruits if you’d like, choose a source of protein, then dress it up with your favorite vinaigrette. Best part is that you can make hundreds of different combinations.

Swap Out Your Snacks

It can be very easy when you’re a little hungry or in the mood for a quick snack to grab chips, ice cream, or whatever else is nearby. Instead, try to purchase healthier alternatives or spending a few minutes in the kitchen to make your own snack. Some amazing options include a handful of nuts, some fruit and nut butter, or making kale chips.

Make Your Own Sweets

When you’re in the mood for something sweet, try opting to bake your own dessert or quick snack that your can grab. What this does is allow you to control what goes into it, sneaking in your own nuts, protein powders, or other healthy alternatives, and simply knowing what goes into the foods you eat.

It isn’t easy for the kitchen newbie to create their own healthy dishes, but the important part is to start small and go from there. Each new meal and healthy item incorporated is a win.



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