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A native of Los Angeles, California, Celebrity Chef Ewanda is a non-profit owner/founder and restauranteur with over 30 years of professional culinary experience.  Celebrity Chef Ewanda is known for her tasty creations, presented with style and elegance. Clients are assured of beautifully prepared signature dishes that appeal to the senses of taste, smell and sight. Beyond cuisine, however, Celebrity Chef Ewanda presentations underscored by ambiance play a significant role in the success of the catering events that she spearheads. Celebrity Chef Ewanda started cooking at the age of 5 years old.  As a child her father stood her on a crate and showed her his cooking techniques and she would also help her mother with dinner preparations. That was the beginning of her love of cooking.

Celebrity Chef Ewanda was working at her father’s restaurant at the age of seventeen as a cook preparing all her father’s favorite and private recipes. As an adult, Celebrity Chef Ewanda began working in the community and quickly became the “Potluck Cook Queen.”  During staff potluck celebrations, Celebrity Chef Ewanda was allowed to cook while on the clock because they wanted her to cook the majority of the food. The number one question asked was, “Why don’t you have your own restaurant?” Celebrity Chef Ewanda believes “sharing food is like sharing love” and every person deserves both.

In 2010, Ms. Erica Lane from the Kartell Company/You Agency introduced Celebrity Chef Ewanda to Mr. Russell Simons. Mr. Simons enjoyed Celebrity Chef Ewanda’s exquisite cuisine, leading to a long list of celebrities she has now had the honor of serving. She has had the honor of Serving as a personal chef for ESPN sports analyst Jalen Rose and actor and comedian Tony Rock. In her capacity as Executive Chef, she provides general management services for the execution of various catering events, including formal weddings, banquets, corporate affairs, outdoor socials, political rallies and celebrity private venues. Celebrity Chef Ewanda offers consultations with clients and event coordination, providing expert advice and input for decision-making, maintaining a though checklist of critical culinary tasks and monitoring their execution, assisting in the selection of various services vendors, and transforming any space into an elegant banquet area.

Celebrity Chef Ewanda’s commitment to her clients includes beginning each day with nature’s freshest ingredients, allowing her to present culinary service of the highest quality.